Life has been hard for these declawed cats but they're safe now

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, April 11, 2016

Imagine your toe fingers being cut off and you have to walk with the same condition and pain. Doesn’t feels really good, does it? This is how Chico and the rest of the cats feel when they get declawed. Many cat owners do not realize that declawing cats is actually a very harmful thing to do. Cat owners find maintaining cats and their paws a tough job but in reality it is not that hard. This is the reason why they go for declawing and poor Chico has to suffer the same. The black cat with white whiskers is Chico who had his claws removed by his owners. He was rescued by the rescue team by spending $1000. Due to declawing they urinate improperly, get prone to diseases like infections, bleeding, arthritis, chronic pains and inflammation. Declawing cats makes them bite more. Let cats be happy and stop declawing them.