Rabbit Whisperer

Cliff Penrose is a senior citizen in Britain who claims to be able to put anxious rabbits.Into such a calming trance that they lie back and roll their legs in the air. Rabbits are naturally hyper active animals and rabbit owners usually face problems in this aspect. However Cliff Penrose has found a solution to all these owners’ problems. The trick, he says, is to very confidently hold the rabbit because they can sense human nervousness. After holding them he hypnotizes bunnies by applying pressure to certain areas of their body such as the belly.  This induces relaxation and this state can last for up to 10 minutes.


Frodo the Foal

Frodo the Foal was found abandoned in the middle of a deadly winter and was declared to have a very low chance of surviving through the winter. He was found collapsed near Blackpool during the deadliest month of the winter. At this time he was incredibly weak, had a distended belly due to parasitic infection, was crawling with lice and had no spark left in him. At penny farms he received intense medical attention especially from his nurse Katie Eva. The brave foal fought resiliently and with the help of Katie has gained strength and confidence in just a matter of 4 weeks.


Crime Busting Parrot

Kuzya the parrot just saved his owner from some serious losses. Gennadi Kurrukul, his owner, said that the parrot let out a scream at 4 a.m. when some burglars were trying to enter his house. The scream was very loud and scared the burglars of before they could steal anything other than Mr.Kurrukul’s wallet. The owner and the bird have a beautiful relationship with each other, and Gennadi does not keep him caged, but instead lets him roam freely around the house. Police are investigating the burglary and advising people to make sure to lock their doors and windows and night. Maybe we should all keep companions like Kuzya to protect us though.


Confused Cat

This cat in Austria poked her head in a tin to try to eat some treats. However, she could not take her head out of the can later. Surprisingly she started to roam the streets while still in this state but thankfully was not hit by a car. Animal lovers who saw this cat, very responsibly called the fire brigade to rescue this adorable cat. Fire fighters using a metal cutter gingerly snipped the can from the trapped black and white moggie’s head before handing her over to a local cat refuge centre for health checks. They said that she will not face any permanent damage.


Shetland Pony Bridesmaid For The Day

This Shetland pony, Tickle, was the bridesmaid at the wedding of Rona Borland and Robert Underhill in February. They made Tickle their bridesmaid in order to encourage their guests to donate to the Phoenix Children’s Foundation instead of giving the couple gifts. Phoenix children’s foundation has been supporting severely ill and disabled children since in the United Kingdom 2006. It provides them with special equipment such as custom built car seats as well as providing therapeutic activities such as riding lessons. This is why they have horses. The foundation emphasizes upon using horses to give disabled children a sense of freedom.


Diva Dog

Lulu is a dog who lives in the Chinese city of Zhumadian. She may be a dog but she refuses to walk on four legs, insisting instead to walk on two legs at all times. She can be found walking purpose fully through the city in the morning, carrying her teddy bear bag along. She is a one year old dog owned by a man named Zhou Guanshun. Even he is unsure of why she chooses to act in this way. However one thing that we can all be sure of is that everyone falls in love with Lu Lu instantly.


Pretend Pandas

Researchers at the Wolong Giant Panda Research Centre have found an ingenious way to fool a baby panda. Previously researchers faced a major problem in caring for these endangered animals. This particular baby panda is monitored by cameras but researchers have had to handle the cub to undertake physical examinations in order to monitor weight and body temperature.
They found that Pandas cared for by humans found it more difficult to rehabilitate themselves into the wild. For a successful reintroduction it is necessary that the panda cubs have no contact with humans. So the researchers have started wearing Panda costumes to fool the cub into thinking it being cared for by its own parents.


Ex-Circus Lion Finds Home

Jora and Black were two brother lions who had been kept in a Bulgarian circus since they were little. They were kept in a tiny 2.5 by 2.5 inches trailer and were not fed sufficiently. The born free foundation recently rescued them from these horrible conditions and rehabilitated them to South Africa. They were rescued just over three months ago from a beast wagon in Bulgaria. Only a short time later however they are thriving in their south African homes. This has only been possible due to the fierce fight put up by the born free foundation and the over whelming support of the general public.


Lola the Cuddling Dog

Lola was found dumped outside the Mayhew Animal Home seven years ago. She had been abused by her owners for excessive breeding because the puppies of Blue Staffers sell for exceptionally good prices. After being cared for by The Mayhew Animal Home, Lola was quickly adopted and given a forever home by Charlie and Ben Le Rougetel. However after being rescued by Mayhew homes Lola is now busy helping other people. She volunteers as a Therapaws dog that spends time going to .residential homes for the elderly and providing them pet therapy. Lola and her owner Charlie have been visiting dementia patients in a home in Wembley Park since 2015.


Hero the Lamb

Hero the lamb was born on a small farm in Worcestershire and was going to be put down when he was only six days old, because he was born blind.  As he could not be sold for slaughter bottle rearing him and raising him was incurring losses for the farmer. However the farmer agreed to let the farm animal sanctuary keep him. Janet Taylor, the founder of this sanctuary, took care of him. Hero the lamb as put into the barn housing older ewes to try and breed him. Even though other Ewes did call to him, hero did not respond and they found out that he was deaf as well as blind. Despite all the odds however Hero is still alive and well.

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