Bengal cats are basically domestic cats that look like leopards because of their exotic coat pattern. These cats are not just famous for their appearance but there are certain traits that distinguish them from other cat breed

  • Bengal cat costs more than a DVD player – these cats are too good at destroying DVD players so be ready.
  • They like to hide themselves in places where it is difficult to find them like upper most shelf of cupboards and boxes.
  • Bengal cats never get tired of unrolling toilet paper, so you will need plenty of paper rolls.
  • Once they find out how to switch light on and off, they will be at your service.
  • They are great at dismantling sinks.
  • Bengal cats love to destroy printers.
  • They are dominant and doesn’t like to share their territory.

7 things you should know before buying a bengal catVideo source: "rockcityfilms3" on youtube

Posted by Best Cat Photos & Videos on Friday, April 8, 2016