Least Known Bizarre Animal Facts


Bees who drink tears? Lions mate more than 20 times a day? Come and enjoy these bizarre animal facts.

Dolphins see with sounds


It will interest you to know that certain animals possess some unique abilities that even though they sound weird to humans it’s still an amazing fact. One of such amazing or rather shocking fact is the one which has to do with Dolphins seeing through the use sounds through a biological system of Echolocation popularly known as sonar. Researchers believe that this ability evolved over time as a means of survival and search for food. These dolphins use echoes of sound waves that bounce off objects near their habitations in the water. As these sound waves bounces of the object, the dolphins pick the echoes with the aid of their lower jaw which possesses fatty tissues filled cavities which send these sounds to the ears and also the brain for interpretations.

A Polar Bear can go for weeks without food

You may have been wondering can these animals survive without eating food. Of course, Yes! Polar bears are a great example of an animal that can go without supper for day’s or even weeks. One great ability of Polar bears is its ability to adapt to new environments without food or shortage of food supply around. Polar bears body system has the ability of readjusting automatically when there is no meal for day or weeks. The body system slows down its operations until the next supper shows up. During this period of famine, the Polar bears feeds on its fat reserves but recent trends in the animal world has shown that due to severe shortage of food, Polar bears now tend to cannibalize its own for food.

The Chameleon tongue is twice its body mass and releases faster that the fastest car

Studies and experiment has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the Chameleon releases it tongue at a great speed that if likened to a car it should be around 0- 60 mph in 1/100th of a second. Studies have shown that the secret behind this is due to the special elastic tissue in its tongues, which they keep folded up like an accordion. Another great feature about the chameleon is the length of its tongue which can go as long as twice its body mass. The chameleon eye is one unique feature also since it has the ability of looking at two different objects at the same time.

Lions mate for over 20 to 40 times a day

Lions have a unique mating system that leaves us humans astonished. Most male lions tend to be sexual mature and active at 26 months but they are most likely to start breeding at age 4 when they are opportune to be in charge of a pride. During period of mating which usually occurs once in two years, lions can mate for over 20 to 40 times per day which normally starts with the lion following the lioness around until the first signs of oestrus onset and this mating period may last for several nights straight. After copulation, the lioness experiences conception three months after.

Elephants can recognize themselves in the mirror

Another rather bizarre fact is an elephant’s recognition of themselves when placed in front of a mirror. Few animals have been found to posses this ability of self awareness. Elephants join the list of Dolphins, Humans, and great Apes which posses this self awareness ability. Researches carried out by Joshua Plotnik, where he made use of three elephants in the test to discover if elephants possess this form of self awareness ability. Although, out of the three elephants, just one passed the test he could conclude assuredly that elephants has the ability to recognize themselves or become self aware.

Hippopotamus spend up 16 hours in water per day and a group of Hippopotamus is known as a school

Popularly regarded as water horse from its name great translations. Hippopotamus are amphibious in nature which makes them to be found in areas with abundant bodies. Due to their amphibious nature, they have the ability of staying in water for 16 hours per day and also spend up to 30 minutes underwater. Hippopotamus usually walk in groups referred to as school which consist of around 10-30 members led by a male. Most hippopotamus, because of their large stomach chamber they can store food in it and go without food for about 3 weeks without food.

No two tiger has the same pattern of stripes

Scientist is still trying to find out the rationale behind the unique feature of tigers where no two tigers possess the same stripes pattern. Studies have come out to prove that most tiger posses over 100 stripes with the not being a design on the skin but skin deep. One of the notable conclusions researchers has given us concerning why tigers possesses stripes is that it’s a form of camouflage to help hide it from its prey. An advantage of these stripes on tiger is that it assists researchers observing tiger to easily identify individuals because of the difference in either the length of the stripes, or color depth. Tigers can easily retrieved hidden messages left by other tigers through the use of scent marks. Tigers are great swimmers.

Basenji dogs do not bark

Often referred to as the bark less dog, it has its own form of sound it makes which can be likened to a yodel. Researchers who have been able to give reasons for this rare phenomenon pointed out that the reason for this was because of its larynx which is shaped quite different from other breed of dogs. Usually found in Africa, it’s known by dog lovers as a unique dog breed because of its unique characteristics such as great sense of smell and also lack of body smell since it has a unique way of cleaning itself which has seen it being compared to cats in the past.

Blue Whales can weigh as much as 30 elephants

Unarguably regarded as the largest creature to ever live on earth. The Blue whale which is known for its large body mass which weighs over 200 tons and 100 feet long. Research experts has shown us that the tongue of a blue whale can weigh more than an elephant but the surprise here is that it feeds on some of the minute shrimp like animals known as krill. At certain points of the year, these blue whales can feed on about 3.6 metric tons of krill in just one day which is quite alarming. With an average lifespan of 80-90 years, they are considered as one of Earth’s longest- lived animals.


Specific species of Bees found in Thailand feed on tears

Shocking but true as research has discovered that certain breed of bees feed on tears. Rare species of Bees commonly found in Thailand actually feed on tears, they feed on either human or animal tears as a means of sustenance. Researchers discovered that these species of Bees are workers from the three species of Bees known as Lisotrigona cacciae, L. furva and Patristrigona Klossi feed on human tears as a source of protein in their diet. Most times, this feeding takes around 0.5-2.5 min where they feed on the tears singly. Although, they tend to be calm visitor when it’s on man.