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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Three Months Old Baby Cuddling with Cat

Babies love cuddling with humans and animals too. In this video, you will see how the baby is adoring the cat laying down near him. Cats also love cuddling like us humans do and this one is pretty used to it.

Tiny Kittens Playing in Tubular Boxes

Don’t know why but cats have this strange attraction for boxes. They really enjoy sitting in them, hiding and even sleeping in them. Whether it is small kittens or big cats, they are all fond of housing themselves inside boxes.

Cat’s Love

https://www.facebook.com/296657963769850/posts/695135420588767 Have a look at these two adorably cute kittens jumping and playing with each-other. They tend to love each-other while playfully fondling and snuggling. This...

Rescued adorable souls

https://www.facebook.com/334191996715482/posts/839506079517402 This is a very inspirational video featuring a very gentle and kind female who has adopted a bunch of kitties with their adorable babies....

Purring Cute Cats

This is a short composition made by a cat owner revealing that her adorable cat is a super attention seeker. She just craves for...

Rescued Cute Fox

The video is heart wrenching display of neglected beautiful baby fox. She is an adorable soul but no one took care of her and was neglected and left alone in jungle.

Feline Loves To Receive Posts

https://www.facebook.com/296657963769850/posts/701841493251493 Cats love to intrude in every matter. Spying is not just human trait but it is also present in felines. Some cats love to...

North Shore Animal League America Rescues Kittens

These kittens can enjoy a restful sleep tonight.

Celebrate Friendship with the Golden Retriever and the Kitten

Looking for a friendship example? How about this little kitten and golden retriever bonding together. The dog has absolutely no problem in letting the kitten come near it and play with it. v

Hungry cutie

This is a short composition made by a cat owner revealing that her adorable cat is super hungry at this time. She just craves for attention and patiently touches his owner with her paw so that he can let her taste the food.

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