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Siamese Cat

Siamese cats can be easily recognized because of their appearance. It is a popular breed of cats. These cats have usually blue eyes and...

Adorable Fur Ball Love Being Pampered

Nature of cats varies from each other. Some cats are wild and aggressive while some are friendly in nature. It is important to observe...

Underbite – Imperfection or Unique?

This is a story of a cat named Madame George. She got underbite that is clearly visible in this clip. People may find it imperfect because it is not a common trait in cats.

Animal Trio

You might have seen 3 cats, 3 dogs, 3 birds or even cats and dogs together but have you ever seen an odd trio of a cat, owl and a parrot? Seems unusual?

Adorable sleeping beauty

https://www.facebook.com/296657963769850/posts/692021010900208 This is very cute short video of an adorable sleeping beauty peacefully lying over her cozy furry pillow. She is probably missing a furry...

Kitten Playtime!

https://www.facebook.com/296657963769850/posts/721122891323353 Some felines are super active and love to play while some prefer to stay a lap cat. Playful cats love to seek their owner's...

Famous Cats (Part 1)

Being an important source of joy, pets are always adored by people. However, cats hold a special place among them. Certainly, cats are considered as the best and most likable category of pets. Being an animal lover you might also be interested to know about famous cats all around the World. So, here you go


Have you ever seen a cat posing? If no, then have a look at this angelic splash of overloaded cuteness exhibited in this video.

Curious Cat

Most of the cats get scared easily. This clip is also showing a feline that is haunted (i assumed). At first, it seems like...

Cats In Love

https://www.facebook.com/296657963769850/posts/696234923812150 This is an adorable and enchanting display of love and affection between these two cats. The affection shown in this broadcast portrays love, care &...

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