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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

This Ragdoll Cat Named Efy Doesn’t Need Anybody to Clean Her

https://www.facebook.com/153018954909093/posts/486126321598353 There are cats that simply don’t like humans to interfere in their problems. Just like Efy here who is a one man show and...

Famous Cats (Part 1)

Being an important source of joy, pets are always adored by people. However, cats hold a special place among them. Certainly, cats are considered as the best and most likable category of pets. Being an animal lover you might also be interested to know about famous cats all around the World. So, here you go

Cat Playing Piano Like A Pro

https://www.facebook.com/153018954909093/posts/489146607962991 Do you know some cats are super talented and skillful? Don't believe me? Watch this video clip. It is a perfect justification of this...

Top Ten Kitty Facts

Cats are adorable animals, they facilitate you to relish every moment spent with them. This article describes top ten facts about these beauties. You'll observe that it is rightly said: “I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” —Jean Cocteau (director, Orpheus)

$1000 Spent on Rescuing Chico and Brought to Safety

Imagine your toe fingers being cut off and you have to walk with the same condition and pain. Doesn’t feels really good, does it?

Cat’s Love

https://www.facebook.com/296657963769850/posts/695135420588767 Have a look at these two adorably cute kittens jumping and playing with each-other. They tend to love each-other while playfully fondling and snuggling. This...

Mummy Cat And Kitten Meowing Competition

https://www.facebook.com/296657963769850/posts/697857630316546 If you had a bad day then I recommend you to watch this cutest video ever. It will not only brighten your day but...

Odd Behavior In Animals

Explore some of the many amazing and interesting abilities our furry friends have!

Say Happy Birthday to Mr. Cat

https://www.facebook.com/153018954909093/posts/481467628730889 Do you get excited for your birthday? The excitement and happy faces usually come along when the cake cutting part starts. Instead of being...

Technician kitty

This is a video featuring an amazingly techno kitty probably trying to fix her boss's printer. She tries again and again by punching the printer from various angles and directions to make it work according to her wish.

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