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Friday, October 18, 2019

Attention seeker kitty

This is a short composition made by a cat owner revealing that her adorable cat is a super attention seeker. She just craves for attention and love snuggling and fondling with her owner.

Animal Trio

You might have seen 3 cats, 3 dogs, 3 birds or even cats and dogs together but have you ever seen an odd trio of a cat, owl and a parrot? Seems unusual?

Is Kissing a Cat Cute or Harmful?

https://www.facebook.com/296657963769850/posts/742232639212378 People who love pets will find this video cute where a girl is kissing her cat. But the question arises is it OKAY to...

Funny playing cat with duckling

This is a cute compilation of cat and a duckling. The adorable cat is wearing a costume which depicts a stuffed shark fish, while the duckling is over whelmed to see her kitty friend in this amazing custom made dress.

Kitty Seems Like a Hockey Fan

https://www.facebook.com/438852142830514/posts/1014393128609743 This cat is going way too much serious about the ice hockey match playing on the TV. Have you ever seen a cat watching...

Anxious Black Queen

https://www.facebook.com/190253744662644/posts/200092377012114 This is a short video made by a kitty's owner revealing that her adorable black beauty is a super vigilant and anxious babe.She is roaming peacefully in the...

Flying Hugging kitty

https://www.facebook.com/153018954909093/posts/488470238030628 This is very heartwarming video, a very cute and adorable kitty's love for her owner is displayed in it. The owner asks her cute...

Adorable Cat Mom

https://www.facebook.com/296657963769850/posts/711714112264231 This is an extremely heart warming video full of emotions and feelings. The cute adorable new mom is hugging her babies with great affection.She...

Kitten With Gorgeous Big Eyes

If you are an animal lover then cats must be on the top of your 'favorite animal's list'. Felines are famous for their beauty Worldwide and considered as the most adorable creature on this planet.

Curious Cat

Most of the cats get scared easily. This clip is also showing a feline that is haunted (i assumed). At first, it seems like...

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