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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Celebrate Friendship with the Golden Retriever and the Kitten

Looking for a friendship example? How about this little kitten and golden retriever bonding together. The dog has absolutely no problem in letting the kitten come near it and play with it. v

Kitten Doesn’t Want To Give Away Its Toy

Playful cats are the most adorable creature on this planet. This video clip is also about a kitten that is so much in love...

Tiny Kittens Playing in Tubular Boxes

Don’t know why but cats have this strange attraction for boxes. They really enjoy sitting in them, hiding and even sleeping in them. Whether it is small kittens or big cats, they are all fond of housing themselves inside boxes.

Cats Aggressive Meows – Funny or Upsetting?

This video is about cat and owner relationship. A cute cat is showing its aggressive behavior by continuously meowing. He sounds like getting much angry towards his owner. Fear of losing his favorite toy can be seen not just in his voice but also in his eyes. This is why people may find it disturbing or cruel.

Super Active Cats Problematic or Cute?

You might have seen different types of cats including shy cats, outgoing cats, quite cats, lap cats, talkative cats and playful cats. This is a story of a super active plus naughty plus aggressive and wild cat named Kitty.

Cats Trapped in Vehicle Rescued

Heat-seeking stray cats love to hide themselves in warm places especially car engines, hoods and even tires. Internet is busted with similar rescue stories, but the saddest part is that this can be fatal for the poor creature.

Kitties new friend

This is short video compilation of love between two different animals, a cut little baby kitten and his kind little friend who is a golden retriever puppy.They share a very kind and special relationship with each other.

The anxious kitty

This is the video of a small grey fur ball kitty who is so anxious and scared of the two green apples placed in front of her. She keeps on attacking them one by one just to know what these green scary thing are.

DJ KITTENS – Cuteness Overloaded

You might have seen a lot of DJs in your town, but I bet these DJ kittens are playing it way more better than many of those. This short video clip is a perfect personification of cuteness that will surely going to put a smile on your face.

Courageous Kitten Swimming in Bath Tub

If you own cats then you might have an idea that all cats are not the same. Some cats love to swim in water while others don't. This video is also about two cats a big one and a small one.

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