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Feline Birthday Celebration

A cat's birthday celebration - this is a great idea for those who own a pet cat or any other animal. If you also have a pet cat then you can celebrate their birthdays likewise to show them your affection and to express how much special they are to you.

Super Active Cats Problematic or Cute?

You might have seen different types of cats including shy cats, outgoing cats, quite cats, lap cats, talkative cats and playful cats. This is a story of a super active plus naughty plus aggressive and wild cat named Kitty.

Flying Hugging kitty

https://www.facebook.com/153018954909093/posts/488470238030628 This is very heartwarming video, a very cute and adorable kitty's love for her owner is displayed in it. The owner asks her cute...

So Kitten, Did You Enjoy the Ride?

https://www.facebook.com/296657963769850/posts/706502956118680 This kitten is all about being comfortable and relaxing in the car. But who knew he would take the dashboard as its bed? Look...

Amusing bunch of kitties

https://www.facebook.com/190253744662644/posts/199279607093391 This a very entertaining composition featuring a bunch of mischievous and naughty kitties trying to make each and every moment playful and hilariously enjoyable....

soccer playing kitty

https://www.facebook.com/153018954909093/posts/461094540768198 This a broadcast showing a cute kitten keenly indulged in playing with her plastic ball toy in a bath tub. The adorable cat is happily...

kitty’s first snowboarding

https://www.facebook.com/190253744662644/posts/203330780021607 Have a look at these dozens of adorable fur balls adorably stepping on ice and making their first memorable experience of kitty snowboarding. The...

Say Happy Birthday to Mr. Cat

https://www.facebook.com/153018954909093/posts/481467628730889 Do you get excited for your birthday? The excitement and happy faces usually come along when the cake cutting part starts. Instead of being...

Naughty Kitten Won’t Let Its Mummy Sleep

This is a story of a naughty kitten that is not letting her mum sleep. Many of you may relate to this clip if...

10 Famous Cats (Part 2)

Cats are adorable creature that deserves to be loved in every way. However, some cats are loved universally because of their popularity all around the globe. Check out these 10 famous cats that have as much fan following as any of the famous celebrity.

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