Posted by Cat on Friday, April 29, 2016

Every cat is different from one another. Different cats have different personalities. You can understand this only if you are an owner of more then one cat. This clip is a perfect description showing 3 personality of cats

1. A cat standing of on top shelf of a scratching post acting like a king who doesn’t want to share its space with anyone.

2. A kitten who tried to jump on scratching post, where king kitten is present. Kitty made many attempts to reach at the top but failed. Inspite of fighting, it gave up which signifies a peaceful kitten.

3. Third one is an emotional kitty who ran towards its sibling to save it from falling down. Kitten was making efforts to grab the falling kitty.

Just when it fell down the scratching post emotional kitten hugged the peaceful kitten and the king kitten was happy too. Happy Ending!