I dare ya!

The Fowlest of Moods

You ate the LAST SLICE of my pizza without even asking me, and then you say don’t be angry man!. It was just a pizza. Dude you’re dead!



A rumor spread across the school that this little chicken pees on his bed. Oh boy this little fellow seems angry he is going to kill that person who did this .


Man of his words

This chicken used to say to his fellows that he will live a luxurious life after his death. See! he proved himself to be a man  of his words.


Courageous Chick Ready To Fight

I’m on a mission to save my fellow chicks. We live in a free state; we have all rights to live. No human can eat us. And I want your vote for the next elections.


Sad life

This dude just came out of jail, and screamed with his lungs out,’’GOOD MORNING EVERYONE, I M BACK!’’. Then a boy came and slaughtered this dude for lunch.


Why calling him chicken?

He went to a party last night. A girl stopped by and said him, hey chicken how you doing? He replied,’’ hey smiley do I look like a chicken to you?’’



A vegetarian is saying can I have some chicken? The chick replied get lost this is not your place. Go back to our veggies.


Piece of an advice


Hey kid let me give you an advice, if you ever get married always say to your wife that she is looking fabulous EVEN IF SHE IS NOT!


Hot Chick 

A dude came to me and asked me to draw a sketch of his hot chick. I draw him a naked hot chick. Doesn’t she look fabulous?


Size problem

Excuse me! Does your shop makes special customized shoes? Because In these I feel like I’m not wearing shoes but shoes are holding me up.


For The Love Of Chicken Nuggets

They say animals don’t eat you if you act dead, I have been holding my breath for the last 10 minutes. OH GOD PLEASE SAVE ME!


Chick Walked Out In Anger

I don’t want to be a nugget mama; I want to be a singer. I’m going to granny’s place she understands me the most. She is my only fan.



My friends asked me to make sea food and chicken for dinner. I didn’t have that much time so I made FISH-FILLED- CHICKEN. It’s a new dish.


Over-protective Big Bro

Mommy left me and my brother home alone. She said me to take care of your brother so I locked him in the egg to make sure he was safe.


Revenge time

It’s time to take revenge. Chickens! Heat up your stoves, human BARB Q is on its way. Let’s peel off his skin and cut these black feathers on his head.


Attitudinize Rooster

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it wanted to scare the shit out of you with its corny eyes.


Alexander the Great

I am Alexander the great of my chick world.I am going to rule the whole world .Fear me !or prepare to die ! Evil Laugh .


Time to work

Just when a week is left for my final exams and my mom becomes all spy on me .Yes mom i am studying.

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