Quite impressive and bigger on the inside


When I was searching for a crate for my Great Dane I was quite skeptical about purchasing this particular product but I am so delighted I made the decision. I got 37’ and it perfectly sized my dog and with enough room. One great feature about this product is the fact that you can fold it when not in use.

Just what you need for your dog food storage

The fact that they are airtight makes it best for storing dry dog food. The size of the container comes in different sizes and what got me was the fact that I could store up to 25 pounds of dog food and the translucent body allows for one to view the food level.


Watching over dogs made easy!!


When this product arrived it practically solved virtually quite a lot of my dog watching issues. The HD Wi-Fi cam makes it easy for one to watch over the dog while working miles away because of the clear video quality. It comes with a 2-way audio path which allows me to calm my dogs as if I was physically present with them.


Recommended by Vets

Always finding it difficult to give your dog’s pills or capsule because of the taste then this Greenies pill pock recommended by my Vet should be the solution. It helps to mask the smell of capsules and liquid medication with a chicken flavor. It contains 60- count pack of GREENIES treats for Dogs usually capsule size. Just hide the capsule inside the treat and watch them swallow it once.

One stop solution for all shredding issues

This tool is your one stop solution for shredding issues because it comes with a blade that allows for deep cleaning beneath my dog top coat. It makes it easy for me to remove loose hairs. My greatest fear was about the teeth wearing off in the future but yet to experience such.


Not just a treat but a training booster

One reason why I would advice anybody to go for this product is because of the organic and gluten free recipes. It features allergy- sensitive recipes, wheat-free, corn-free and contains chicken, beef, liver and peanut butter. I got this product and found out it was quite easy to use because of the little recipe booklet. It doesn’t stick so that made it easy for me to clean it up.


Tasty and nutritious bone marrow

A diet which is rich in calcium which maintains strong teeth and bones combined with a rich texture of a biscuit with the delicious taste of a real bone marrow. One great thing about this product is that it comes in 25 different varieties. Really nice treat to be given when training your puppy.


Easy to use nail clippers!!

I have about 3 dogs and their nails tend to grow rapidly. Most times when I try to cut their nails I end up leaving them with injuries until I got Boshel’s nail clippers and it became fun cleaning their nails. The clippers come with a safety stop and lock button that prevent you from cutting too deep and also locks the clipper when not in use.


Less grains and more wellness, indeed!

Most top brand products tend to include just grains as their main ingredient but not with Wellness CORE. Although, it was recommended by my Vet for my dog’s digestive issues and it was just what they needed. Now my dogs no longer suffer digestive issues and our last visit to the Vet proved it was really working. Note: Just mix it with her dry food and she is good to go.


Comfort ensured

Always having to deal with chewed up dog beds until I tried K-9 Ballistic TUFF Bed and it was awesome. With nice fabrics and one other good thing is that it’s easy to wash. It’s covered in a heavy duty hard wearing 100% water resistant material with soft pad of Thermal Polyester Fiber that makes its warm and comfort.


Nice smell and healthy skin secret

Oxgord Pet Wash performed beyond average even though I purchased it with the thought of getting just a normal shampoo but the result has been great so far. The addition of Aloe Vera makes it great on the skin and now my dog itching problems are a thing of the past. Although, the scent doesn’t linger for days but it’s great.


Solves skin related issues

Got this Ingredient diet formula when my dog was having skin related problems and I noticed it was grain free. I started feeding him with it and within 7 days I could notice some notable changes. It contains fish and sweet potatoes in its preparations which allows for quick digestion and not to mention that sweet potatoes are very healthy and full of fiber for good elimination. This product comes in several flavors.


Easy to clean and solid

I just got this great dog bowl from GPET. They are made of stainless steel so they are quite solid. The blue color is quite lovely coupled with the embossed dog paws on it. The rubber base makes it easy for one to hold it without it slipping. It can hold up to 32 ounce which makes it easy for my dogs to feed well.


Great tag, more than I expected

This tag comes in several designs and styles which made me love it more. It’s quite easily to wear on my puppy with nice looking colors. One great feature I love about the tags are the engravings which are so clear and easy to see and makes it look great. I will definitely get other designs and colors in the future.


Just what they loved

Heard about it on a radio broadcast and decided to go for it and I must confess am not regretting it one bit. Although, my dogs are quite selective when it comes to food but with flavored and nutrient rich ingredients like real turkey, salmon, spinach, carrots and others they had no choice but to love it. It’s really great option for food selective dogs.


Just what my dogs needed

During my last visit to the Vet and he recommended this particular IAMS proactive health product because of its no soy fillers. I quickly got this product and I must say the truth it contains quite a lot of ingredients that boost energy and also makes her coat shine better. It contains chicken and not corn as its top ingredient. It is really a good value for the money.

Just what you need for your dog skin treatment

Got this specially for one of our dogs who were having oily but itchy skin from seasonal allergies. Great features about this particular shampoo are the fact that its 100% biodegradable cleans the hair and doesn’t leave it dry. I will definitely purchase more not because of the scent but because it doesn’t irritate the dog’s skin.


Great food and affordable

Although, I won’t say this is the best dog food out there in the market but with its ingredients such as Chicken, beef, seafood and wholesome veggies makes it worthy of its price coupled with the fact that its grain free, fillers free.


Get your dog on track with this

Got this and I must say it was one of the best decisions I have take concerning my dog welfare. With its 500 yards range and long lasting battery capacity of 50-70 hours per charge it is a must have. I tried the several buttons such as beep, vibrate and shock with my dog and it definitely brought him to order. Note: when using this collar please do not attach a leash.


Great collar…..Why you definitely need it to tame that dog of yours?

OU- Band water proof Rechargeable Remote Dog Training Collar is a must have for this Xmas period. It comes with a remote control with three buttons which allows the user to beep, vibrate and shock the puppy with a meter showing the degree. Tried this device with my stubborn bull Mastiff and she came running back to me every time. I must confess it’s a worthy buy.


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