George the Cat Loves to Stand and Pretend He's HumanVideo source: "Inside edition" on youtube

Posted by Best Cat Photos & Videos on Monday, April 4, 2016

George is way too different from all those furry cats you see normally. He thinks he is a human and enjoys standing on his hind legs. Strange but wait till you see the look on his face which completely takes hearts away. 8 month-old exotic cat in Texas got his online popularity with his weird way of standing on his two legs, which is normally what you don’t see cats do. When you get a pet kitten and grows in your environment, it automatically adopts things you are used of doing. George has done the same and loves it. Within 48 hours of creating the Instagram page named George2legs, Andrew, who owns the cat, got 11,000 likes which is pretty amazing. The cat has two pug siblings too and seems to love them.