6 of the CUTEST Baby Kittens!!Video source: @BeforeAndAfterTV on youtube

Posted by Best Cat Photos & Videos on Thursday, March 31, 2016

This is a short broadcast focusing the adorable cat named NINJA, she is the mommy to be. Ninja will give birth to her kittens in a few up coming days. She is healthy and strong and is ready to step into motherhood. Now have a look at these cute kittens whom she has given birth.She is now a mom of six adorable cuties.

Her heartwarming gestures involve playfully fondling her babies, cheerfully licking their bodies and lovingly cuddling them.Ninja tends to protect them and keep them warm by keeping them underneath her.The relationship is a broad & gentle display of love between babies and kitty.  They are so fond of each other that she can’t help kissing the babies with joy & love.