Posted by Cat on Friday, February 26, 2016

Having a bad day? See this amazingly cute video of three white fluffy kittens sleeping together on the couch and get that smile back on your face. They are so lost in their sleep that it is hard for them to move any inch of their body. The lady is trying to wake them up by moving their hands but these kitties refuse to wake up. They are just too comfortable in that couch to do anything but take a nap. One is trying to get up but still very lazy to be active. The way he falls back to sleep again is adorable on so many levels.


Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Have you ever seen a dog running in this sleep? Well, not actually getting up and running like we humans do sleep walking but lying in their sleeping place and moving their legs like they are running. If not then here is a demonstration presented by the expert runner dogs who also somehow are dreaming about running too. This is the strangest video you will ever come across. Nothing like seen before. Only people who own dogs since they were puppies might know these situations. Dogs sometimes do the weirdest things you can never even imagine an animal doing. All dog lovers, enjoy watching this one.

Posted by Cat on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

This is very cute short video of an adorable sleeping beauty peacefully lying over her cozy furry pillow. She is probably missing a furry pillow, so she has warped her hands around to form a comfy and furry pillow for her self to rest in. Cats are adorable creatures , their sleep varies from sixteen to twenty hours normally.

The cute fur ball featured in this video is lying in a serene and peaceful environment. Her adorably wrapped hands around her head seem cute and funny at the same time. Animals need affection and care and it is out personal and moral duty to provide them with what they deserve.

Posted by Cat on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Do you believe that if you start your day with something good then it can have a really positive impact on your whole day? Do you think that first thought in the morning can make your day or ruin it completely? If so, then this adorable video clip is a great choice to start you day. A lady is holding an cutie little thing that is too small. Seems like kitten is about few days old because she can’t even open her eyes completely but she is enjoying being pampered. Lady is moving her hand to and fro that is acting like a swing for kitty and making her sleep.