You mad at me but who cares!


We left for the mall and when we returned we met 3 years old Dray crouching by a piece of cloth, Lo and behold it was my fiancé most favorite underwear. That day the look on his eyes were like “I’m so gonna strangle you” but to dray, who cares!


Hmm…! We just had to save you the stress. Thank us.

My two dogs are what I term P.I.C (Partners in crime). Today, I decided to go sort out some stuff in the office leaving behind their new unopened bark box. When I got open home I thought there was a sort of World War 3 going on because they had opened it but all the same I love my babies.


Well its down our stomach but it tasted nice tho…!

Have your dog ever done something so crazy that you wonder if he is a terrorist recruit? Hmm!! Mine had eaten the house all because they couldn’t find their chew toys. I just didn’t know what to do to them because the other even refuses to take pictures even when found guilty. Please what do I do to them?


Just needed to show you my skill but green is favorite color.


Sweet memories of Kun we really miss him. Can’t forget that moment when I came home with a colleague at work and met our new painter who had turned the sitting room to Green zone with markers.


Make A difference (M.A.D) for no charges at all.

Had planned on going for walk with little jenny my 2 years dog but guess she has another fashion plan for my sweater because she tore it to her taste. But guess what we are going like that and she is going to wear this tag as an explanation to everyone.


Obedience training- Guess it’s not my thing.

Decided to housetrain Petra not knowing she was planning a wreck-it-all mission and did she do it. Of course she did and this time she tore her obedience training lessons. Well she left the part of “never” don’t know what message she was trying to pass but we got it.


Just fell in love with the pictures but it’s my wages.


Never knew dogs now have minimum wage because that’s what he made it look when he ate $15 and all he did was wiggle his tail and sat there as if he was holding a non- violent protest. I wished for a better answer but he is just a dog.


I am a baby dog so I deserve all the care and attention, so deal with it.


I noticed that my little dog has developed this habit of always pretending to be lazy when it comes to jumping into the back of the car or being asked to do stuff he doesn’t like. The first time he did it I thought he had fainted but lo and behold he was acting. So, when he does it now is like boogie no more treats- this does this magic.


Everybody loves freedom. So do I, but be careful when you give me!


Last summer we got burrows a new kernel hoping to help keep him in check but Xmas eve when we were out getting stuffs for our upcoming family dinner, we forgot to put him in his kernel. We got back to meet poops smeared everywhere even in the AC vent. You can but imagine what mess he left.


I love adventures but you don’t seem to understand.


Spent $300 dollars on vets’ treatment for Kutty because he had decided to embark on a self destruction mission. Ate through a plastic bag and devoured gums that contained xylitol. I was shocked beyond words when we got back and saw him pulling the bag again. I knew that look of “gonna do it again!”


We eat to live but eating twice makes me alive.


So, Oliver our new dog we adopted has this habit of getting double dish. All he does was lay covering his dish from our view and wait for either I or my wife to give him another. No wonder the kids call him ‘Oliver twist’.


Can’t a dude have his peace of mind and space?


Lmao!!! We got a new dog called Charley and one day my daughter screamed out, Mom! Mom!! Cho is dead. You could imagine how I rushed down only to find out he was pretending just because he didn’t want to play with the other dog. To be sincere I had to check my blood pressure the next day.


Love my taste if you want us to get along.


I have chewed 4 underwear’s, destroyed 3 shoes, sent over 6 gowns to their untimely demise guess I am fully qualified for the post of a fashion police. That should be my puppy’s CV I just listed even though I love those clothes and shoes but seems she has a different taste.


She was taking too much time. I am a busy dog.


Wished dogs could remember real life situations like we humans but too bad they can’t. How embarrassing can it get I thought that day. Peppy has some digestion issue and we stopped over at the vet and she decided to enter into her own record books. Don’t ask what we did afterwards.


I see what others don’t see.


When we were growing up there was quite a myth or rather one of those moonlight tales that had the line dogs can see spirits or ghost. Well, when Chappy started this I thought it was the manifestation of such tales but now I know different when I see him barking at the blender or wooden frame. Maybe I need to see a spiritualist like my colleague suggested- lols


Do you love my birthday gift?


One of the birthday moments my husband and the family won’t forget. Natos was having digestion issues so he was on drugs but still refused to stay in his kernel. We were all singing the usual happy birthday song and all of a sudden Natos does the unimaginable. Guess that was the best birthday gift ever.


I am not terrible. They just didn’t feel my style.


When our puppy finished a whole stack of toilet paper we knew it was time to give him a nickname but what nickname would befit such a dog that destroyed a stack of toilets rolls and did foot print design all over the bathroom. Seems terrible puppy stuck.


We puppies twerk too, maybe better!!


I have had some set of dog who could give the show craziest dogs alive a run for their money but what cuppy did would have won the award. Walked into the bathroom to see toilet papers littered everywhere and little cuppy butt twerking against the wall.


I am guilty but I did feel relieved.


Some dog experience might get you a bed space in the psych ward if you ain’t careful and this was one good example. I was having one of those Monday morning project presentations. Alas! Squido had his own presentation for me in my sneakers.


Guilty but please be merciful.


So, I was the office and the phone rang but the information I received from the other end left me with the option of either laughing or keeping a straight face when I see her. Neighbors had to create a fence because Bimby had developed a bread eating passion.


Stop checking me out, tell me I look awesome.


Imagine coming home with your boss and on opening the dog you see your puppy relaxed on the couch with your bra and wrapped around his body and your thong in his mouth. I have been there and I must confess I had a lot of apologies to do the next day.


Dial 090-Dig-it-now. Its toll free.


Call 090-Dig-It for my dog services because he is offering freelance digging services. That’s what we could come up with when our dog dug up our neighbors ‘sacred’ flower.


I don’t know how I got here but please help!!


Some days, you just have to sit down with a chilled beer and watch these little friends put up a show for you. Well, I do and this happened to be one of his numerous free pay- per views. Heard a bit of grunting and on getting there saw my little battling with the seat. How he got into it remains a mystery.


No dog channel for me then no internet for you – 50/50 deal


We stayed for over 1 week without internet connection just because 8 months old Spikky decided to get connected to his own internet world but ended up breaking the internet connection in our home and sending everyone early to bed that week. Maybe someday there will be DogBook just like Facebook

I just love the shapes of toes but keep it neat.



First time he did it I was quite surprised and wondered when my husband developed such toe fetish. On opening my eyes I saw cupsy sucking diligently on my toe. Hmm, but it was sort of romantic and lovely though now, I try to keep my toes free from paint and dirt.


Just too old for my liking. Change is constant.


Imagine walking up to your shoe closet just for you to find your dog crouching beside your favorite boot but mow with a new shattered looks. I felt the same way when I found my favorite boot severely damaged but I guess we needed to do a house training remix.


There is love in sharing!!!


Stepped out to get the phone and before I could say Jack Robinson my breakfast was gone. I just had to do without breakfast that morning all because Chukka had need of my market. I learnt my lesson in a hard way though.


One of those crazy days. C’mon, I am just a dog.


Sometimes things can get out of hand probably there should be a term called dog terrorism. This was what we met when we left our little puppy at home and he made sure he made his mark. If this has happened to you then you will understand why it’s good to keep them in their crate.


Don’t get mad at me. I am also an ambassador for peace.


Just look at the face of the girl and the inscription on her shirt. It makes me feel like she is saying in her mind, ‘I feel like killing you but you lets allow peace to reign maybe we gonna do that later’. Had a kid walk up to me with her damaged school books with a written note which says, our dog ate it up. Just couldn’t stop laughing.


I failed you but the treat they gave didn’t fail me.


You remember that look when he is telling you with that ‘I don’t care face’. Maybe, he gave me better and tastier treat, you probably need to upgrade my treat if you don’t want our next visitor to be another set of robbers.

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